Photo: Daniel Carrillo


Michael Alm is a Seattle based mixed media sculptor. His lifelike and intricate animal anatomy studies address wildness, native nature, and the dynamics of animal movement. Each sculpture is imbued with the passion he has for wildlife and anatomy. Alm's understanding of materials and techniques is unique and has been distilled from years of development in his studio.

Inspired by biology, natural history, and exploration, Alm spends much of his time researching animal physiology, and reading biographies of the naturalists who have expanded this field. Not unlike natural history museums, Alm brings his audience face to face with the beauty, oddity, and fragility of nature - a pointed reminder of its power and importance.

Alm's work has been featured in a number of nationally recognized galleries including Roq La Rue Gallery, Hellion Gallery, and Modern Eden Gallery.  Alm holds a BFA in sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis

Selected Exhibitions 

Reverse Engineered, Part 1: Hellion Gallery, Portland, OR. Feb 2014

Part 2 Antler, Portland, OR. Feb 2014

Feral Creatures, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Jan 2014

Review by Jeremy Buben, Art Nerd

Interview by Kim Larson, Modern Eden Gallery

Connected, Cuchifritos Gallery, New York, NY. Nov 2013

AnimaMichael Alm, Crystal Barbre, and Kirsten Anderson

A LxWxH subscription projectLxWxH Gallery, Seattle, WA. Sept 2013

Vermillion Presents: Frozen

Michael Alm and Robin Crookall

Vermillion, Seattle, WA. 2012

Review by Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

Small Voids curated by Todd Jannausch

Seattle, WA / Portland, OR / Oakland, CA. 2012-13

Review by Rachel Shimp, City Arts Magazine

Lush Life Four, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA. 2012

Hi Fructose Magazine write-up

PangeaSeed's The Great West Coast Migration. 2012

Seattle, WA / Portland, OR / San Francisco, CA / Los Angeles, CA

Costa Mesa, CA / San Diego, CA

Hi Fructose Magazine's write-up

Lush Life 3, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA. 2011 

Hi Fructose Magazine's write-up

The Matryoshka Show curated by Michael Alm, 

Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA. 2011 

Short write-up by Jen Graves, The Stranger

Ecotone, Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA. 2010

Interview with Laurie Kearney, Culture Mob 

Print Zero Print Exchange 7, (juried exhibition) Print Zero. 2010 

Seattle, WA / Miami, FL / Chicago, IL

Perceptions of Character curated by Lauren Testa and Laura Cali,

Littlefield Performance and Art Space, Brooklyn, NY. 2010

Cryptomenagerie: Michael Alm, Zoe Williams, and Jody Joldersma,

Vermillion, Seattle, WA. 2010 

Bad Words curated by Chris Crites, Twilight Arts Collective

Seattle, WA. 2009 

The Artists of Artech, The Wright Exhibition Space, Seattle, WA. 2009 

Print Zero Print Exchange 6, Print Zero. 2009 

Seattle, WA / Chicago, IL / Buffalo, NY

Animal Retentive, (solo exhibition) Neptune Coffee, Seattle, WA. 2009 

Art Night at Twilight curated by Kelly Lyles, Twilight Arts Collective,

Seattle, WA. 2009 

Unnatural Selection, (solo exhibition) Some Space Gallery, Seattle, WA. 2008 

Macho Cheese curated by Chris Crites, Joe Bar, Seattle, WA. 2008 

CoCA's 16th Annual Painting Marathon, CoCA Seattle, Seattle, WA. 2007 


Please Touch curated by Michael Alm, Panda Paints Building,

Saint Louis, MO. 2006

Review by Rudy Zapf, Playback:stl

Varsity Art X, Art Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO. 2005 

Eye Candy, (solo exhibition) Subterranean Books, Saint Louis, MO. 2005 

University City Sculpture Series (commission), 

University City Commission on Arts and Letters, Saint Louis, MO. 2005